Joseph Humphries

Malibu Boats Athlete Profile

Residence: UK

Hometown: Geddington, Northamptonshire

Age: 13

Number of Years Wakeboarding: 10 Years

How did it start?: I was born on 12th April 2004 and my sister arrived not long after, in 2007.  We had lots of discussions about different family sports.  My dad had enjoyed a life growing up on the water…firstly swimming and then waterskiing.  Nana and Grampy used to water ski at Tallington Lakes Waterski Club.  So, this seemed like the perfect sport to go back to.  All we needed was a boat and a caravan!  In 2007 my mum and dad joined Baston Fenn Waterski Club in Lincolnshire.  Dad bought a rickety old boat that needed a lot of work…and back then we used to borrow my Nana and Grampy’s caravan.  One very chilly April Friday evening in 2007 we arrived at my favorite place…the lake.  I begged mum and dad to let me have a go.  After lots of whining on my part, they did.  Mum helped me get my skis on, whilst dad sorted the rope.  Mum held me upright in the water and dad gently pulled me along…I was up!  After a lap of the lake, I let go…but it wasn’t long before I was off again!
The following week I had my first go on a Wakeboard and I was hooked.  Wakeboarding is how I express myself.  It’s my passion…my life!  I love it!  I’m always challenging myself with new tricks and when I land them it’s the best feeling ever and makes me want to achieve more and more.

What advice would you give anyone starting out?: Never get frustrated with anything when on the water because at the end of the day, we all wakeboard for the enjoyment and the thrill.

Equipment & Set-up, make of board / bindings goofy etc... I ride goofy on the Obrien Hooky 128 with Infuse bindings, Obrien Handle, O’Neill Wetsuits and crash vest

Line Length: 60ft.

Boat Speed: 34.6 kph / 21.5 mph

Favorite Trick: Heal 5

Favorite Place to Ride: LDB Wake School

Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese

Which Rider(s) Inspire(s) you: Corey Teunissen

Best Career Moment: Winning the 2016 and 2017 UK Nationals and qualifying through to the finals in Ireland at The Europeans.

An ideal day in your Malibu Consists of: Hardly any wind, slightly breezy, not mirror flat conditions and sunny.

Plans for 2018: Qualify for the Europeans final in Rome. I also want to land a Heel 720 and a Crowmobe. I need to perfect my tantrum to blind.

Interesting fact most people do not know about you: I played “The Hoff” in my end of year school performance!

Your Review of your current Malibu Ride, why you like it: I like the 22MXZ as it’s a gradual progressive wake and if it’s your first-time riding behind one, it’s easy to get used to. Even though the wake is progressive it still gives you the opportunity to go massive no matter how good you are at wakeboarding, and this is why I personally believe that the 22 MXZ is an amazing competition boat as well as a spacious leisure boat!

Personal Statement: As long as I have a board strapped to my feet I’m happy!

Hobbies: Wakeboarding, skateboarding, trampolining, snowboarding, Tennis

Career Achievements: R & T Big Air Comp Boys Champion 2017, Boys Malibu National Champion Boat 2017, Boys UK Nautique Open 2017 Champion, AOD Boat Boys Champion 2016, R & T Big Air Comp Boys Champion 2016, UK Wakeboard Boat National Boys Champion 2016, European & African Wakeboard Boat Championship. Finished 5th overall in boys - GB Team Finished 3rd. 2016, AOD Stop 2 1st in Boys, WWA in Portugal 4th in Boys, UK Nautique Open finished 3rd Boys, Spring into Season Cable U15 boys finished 8th (age 12), AOD Stop 1 3rd in boys 2016, Made the UK Boat Wakeboard Squad 2016, Awarded Lascelles Memorial grant 2016, Riders League Boat Competition Boys Division 2 champ 2015, AOD Boat Competition Sept: 2015 - 3rd, Clothes for Kids Cable Competition 2015:- 2nd, Boat Competition:- Ryan Birch 2015 Boys Champion,Wake and Ski Riders League Calm Water Bay 2015: -1st place Boys Division 2, 2nd Place Boys Division 1, Just wake - Cable Ties IWWF 2015 finished 4th, Riders League Stop 3 2015:- Welton Waters 1st place Boys Div 2 Boat Comp, Riders League Stop 2 2015:- Treeton Lake 2nd place Boys div 2 Boat comp, Grassroots Cable Comp 2015:- Hannams Boy's Inters 1st place, AOD: Boat competition at Quayside 2nd in the Boys division 2015, AOD: Boat Competition at LDB 3rd in the Boys division 2015, Spring into Season Full Cable comp 3rd in the Rookies. 2015, Wake Board Cable Championship - Midlands and East Grass Roots Rookie Champion 2014, Wake Board Cable Championship – London and South Grass Roots Rookie Champion 2014, Wake and Ski boat competition - Riders League Boy division 2 Finished 3rd Overall, UK National Wakeboard Boat Competition - Finished 3rd in the Rookies 2014

Sponsors: Malibu Boats Europe, Maven Marine, Ultrasport EU, Obrien Wakeboards, Bern Unlimited, Xtreme Vans, Dryrobe, Club Wake Park