Magix Wakeboarding

Hours of Operation: 15:00 - 21:00 | 5 Days a Week | March - October

Phone: +49 172 7957073


Address: Templiner, Potsdam, Germany 14473



Magix Wakeboarding creates unique on-water lifestyle with a passion for wakeboarding, wake surfing and waterskiing. 

Located on Templiner See, Potsdam, close to Berlin, the skilled and professional team are known for training the German wakeboard team. 

At the heart of the club is a converted barge, serving delicious food, chilled tunes and radiating a relaxed vibe as you lay back in the hammocks between sets. The club barge is moored close to the forested shoreline, making for a truly memorable experience any time of the day. 

While the focus is on wakeboarding & wake surfing, you can also take to the water on the Fun tube or Banana and literally "fly" over the water enjoying the more than 30 inflatable accessories available. 

Anyone who has taken a course at Magix Wakeboarding knows that the first time you never forget! The fever in you is awakened, and the second time will be a blur, over all too soon. From then on, you enjoy every second to the full! Your body feeling improves, and you train your sense of balance. At some point, you dominate the waves and conquer the force of gravity! 

Here you will find all information about wakeboarding, water skiing, wakeskating, wake surfing and stand up paddling. 

We specialise in creating a memorable experience, introducing you to the Magix lifestyle!

Water Sports

  • Wakeboard
  • Waterski
  • Wakeskate
  • Wakesurf