Xavi Mill’s Ski School

Boats in use: Malibu Response

Hours of Operation: All Year Every Day

Phone: +34 676 45 40 71

Email: xavimill@xavimill.com

Address: Llac de Valveralla, Girona, Ventalló, Spain 17473

Website: https://www.xavimill.com/


We present "Xavi Mill Ski Competition" a water ski school dedicated exclusively to teaching this sport. 

Open all year round we boast a private freshwater lake with specialised monitors and pilots using our ecological Malibu Response boats to maximise your potential on the water. 

In 1994, when we inaugurated the school, it was based on a foundation of achieving several goals & aspirations. These included creating a unique place for water skiing, an innovative space from which to promote and enhance our sport from the most demanding skiers to those just starting. 

The ski club Ventalló was officially born in 1999 and is an entity integrated with Xavi Mill ski school skiing competition. Inaugurated in 2006, the Clubhouse was specially designed and built for the ski school to host tournaments and for training. The Clubhouse is equipped with all the privileges to be enjoyed by all members and skiers. 

Today, twenty-five years later, there are many people of all ages, ski levels and backgrounds, who are in our school, and also, there are many elite skiers who have come out of it. 

Thanks to the constant effort and dedication of the entire team, and the trust of our customers and friends. Our dream has come true. 

Today, the school is one of the benchmarks as a centre for teaching and practising water skiing in Europe, and our club nationwide. We continue with the same hopes and aspirations to continue training the best skiers in the country, and ultimately, the constant desire to evolve is our project for the future. 

We want to thank you for joining our hopes and helping to make them come true every day.

Water Sports

  • Waterski
  • Tricks
  • Jump


  • Slalom Course
  • Jump Ramp