Manon Costard

Age: 26

Residence: Aix en Provence, France & Orlando, Florida

Hometown: Aix en Provence, France

Sponsors: Malibu Boats, Aide Crew, Radar Skis, InTow handles

Number of years with Malibu: 2

Current Boat: Malibu TXi

Type of ski you use: Radar Vapor Pro Build 

Personal bests: Slalom 1 @ 41 off (European Record)

Best career moment: Setting the new European Record behind a Malibu at the San Gervasio ProAm and on a borrowed ski 

Favorite Place to Ski: Lacanau, France

An ideal day in your Malibu consists of: Early slalom skiing to make sure we get some flat water. Once this is done, there’s nothing better than messing around behind the boat and hanging out on the lake with friends and family. 

How did you start Skiing?: I first started skiing when I was 3 years old with my mum and Dad. They were recreational skiers and introduced me to this awesome sport. We would spend our summers on a beautiful (and huge) mountain lake in the French Alps learning how to ski and enjoying the region; these are incredible memories. 

What Advise Would you Give Anyone Starting Out?: I would tell them to watch better skiers ski every time they get the chance to. Just jump in the boat and watch. First of all, it's fun; but it is also incredible how much we learn and understand thanks to such a simple thing. 

Also, find yourself a good crew, it will be such good fun to learn with friends and family. 

What Tunes are you currently listening to before skiing?: I actually don't really listen to anything before I go and ski!

Favorite Food?: Peruvian Ceviche  (this obviously comes after French croissants, French cheese and French wine... 😄)

How can people attend your clinics?: Everyone is welcome to contact me through my social media, email or website and we can arrange coaching/clinics. 

What do you like about the RESPONSE TXi ?: The only ski boat that has it all. I love to train behind the TXi with its flat and soft wakes and its extremely consistent pull. It also is easy to drive straight down the course and it looks beautiful !

Tell us about your plans for 2018: Keep on training hard and competing in all of the main women slalom tournaments there is while motivating others to spend some time on the water.

Personal Statement: "Treat others the way you’d like to be treated"

Hobbies: Yoga, snow skiing, hiking

Career Achievements:

European Record Holder: 1@41 off
3 x European Slalom Champion
23 European Championships gold medals
2 Junior World Championships gold medals
21 Pro Slalom Tournaments Podiums

1st at Latrobe City International Open
2nd at Moomba Masters
2nd at Swiss Pro Slalom
2nd at US Masters
2nd at San Gervasio Pro Am
2nd at Canadian Open

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