Regina Jaquess

Residence: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
Sponsors: Malibu Boats, Goode Skis, Eagle Sports, MASTERLINE, Garden Of Life, Performance Ski & Surf, Wiley Bindings, 69 Slam, 5-hour ENERGY, Emerald Coast Compounding Pharmacy
Number of years with Malibu: 3
Type of ski you use: 65 Nano XT with Goode Power Shell bindings, Ticks D3 42 Runner Edge for toes with Wiley bindings and 43 Hard Edge with Wiley bindings for hands, 86" Goodman jump skis with Wiley bindings 

Personal bests: Slalom 3 @ 41 off; Jump 176 feet; Tricks 8,470 points
Tell us more about your pending world record at the Diablo Pro Am.
3 1/2 @ 41 was at a record tournament in Austin, Texas over the Fourth of July. The Barry's hosted the tournament with a $10,000 bonus for anyone that broke a world record. The tournament was also part of the Wounded Warrior project. Finally breaking out of the 3-ball has been a huge eye opener. I have now seen a piece of four-ball and can't wait to practice throughout the winner behind my TXi to get the full four next season!
Best career moment:
The last two years have been an amazing ski experience. Ever since I started skiing behind Malibu, my slalom performance has gone to another level. The best career moment was when I signed with Malibu. The press release went out that morning and that afternoon I broke the world slalom record that had been standing for 14 years with 1 1/2 @ 41 off. It has been climbing ever since. 

An ideal day in your Malibu consists of:
I am a three-eventer and a business owner so not one day is the same. But an ideal day would be a trick set, followed by a slalom set and then really get to experience the power of the TXi with a jump set. 

Plans for 2014:
I really want to push the world record in slalom past 4 @ 41. With the TXi's pull and efficiency with the Zero Off speed control, I feel as I have the best boat out there to push the record out further!
Fun fact that most people do not know about you:
I am a pharmacist and have opened my own compounding pharmacy. The store is now going into its third

How do you balance running your own pharmacy business and still keeping your skiing at the top?

I am fortunate to have my store within ten minutes from the lakes that I ski at. I take a trick set in the morning before work and then slalom or jump in the evening. I like to think of it as living the dream. The lakes are a mile from the Gulf of Mexico and the pharmacy is .2 miles from the Gulf.

What do you like about the RESPONSE TXi compared to other boats?

The TXi far exceeds any other boat. Its Diamond Cut hull allows the boat to push less against the water, which in turn results in a far better pull for me as the skier.

What women's skier did you look up to as a kid and why?

I looked up to several skiers growing up. Camille Duvall was a hero of mine, she was such a dominant force in all three events. I also looked up to Susie Graham for her fierceness and competitive drive. And also Kristi Overton for her passion and love of the sport. I remember my parents bringing me to watch The Masters and I would love to watch Susie and Kristi battle it out on Robin Lake. Susie would scrap it out like no other and sacrifice her body for the win! I absolutely loved it. Then, Kristi would be right behind her with a love for the win and you never knew what to expect. Also, having an older sister who was a competitive water skier, I also looked up to the Larson twins. 

How can people get to ski with you if they want?

They can email me through my personal website

What does Malibu as a brand mean to you?

Malibu pushes to be at the top. The TXi has hit the water ski market hard and caused heads to turn. Malibu is about pushing limits and breaking barriers to produce the best boat on the market. I appreciate how Malibu takes input from their pro team skiers to create a boat that is built for success.

“To me, skiing is an addiction. I love the feeling of floating on the water. At that moment, during your ski set, its all about you. The energy you put in the ride is the return you get. Even when you do your personal best, you get back to the dock thinking that you could have gotten one more buoy, or jumped just a bit father. Skiing makes you become a perfectionist. The ultimate thrill is when you reach your personal best, the ultimate goal that at one time seemed like it may never happen. That’s what keeps me coming back for more.

With skiing you always have a support group that helps you out. When you win a tournament, break a record, or set your new personal best score, it’s not just you celebrating, it is your entire ski family celebrating with you.” -- Regina Jaquess

3x World Overall Champion
1x World Trick Champion?2x IWWF Athlete of the Year
6x USA Water Ski Athlete of the Year
Masters Water Ski Slalom Course Record (2013, 2012)
World Championship Tournament Slalom Record (2013)
Pan Am Games Tournament Records (Slalom & Overall)?Current World Record Holder (3 @ 41 off)?WATERSKI Magazine’s 2013 and 2012 “Female Skier Of The Year”
104 Individual International Medals (81 of which are Gold)
24 Team International Medals (22 of which are Gold)
51 USA National Records (and counting)
7x IWWF World Record Holder (Slalom and Overall)
5x Team Elite World Champions
4x Individual Elite World Champion (Slalom, Trick, and Overall)
2x US Open Champion
2x World Slalom Champion
3x World Overall Champion
1x World Trick Champion
2x IWWF Athlete of the Year
6x USA Water Ski Athlete of the Year
Masters Water Ski Slalom Course Record (2013, 2012)
World Championship Tournament Slalom Record (2013)
Pan Am Games Tournament Records (Slalom & Overall)
Current World Record Holder (3 @ 41 off)
WATERSKI Magazine’s 2013 and 2012 “Female Skier Of The Year”