Thomas Degasperi

Residence: Orlando, Florida / Trento, Italy
Sponsors: Malibu Boats, 5-hour ENERGY, Lotto Sport, Goode Skis, Trentino Region, Eagle Sports, Oakley, Masterline
Number of years with Malibu: 7
Type of ski: Goode T-Gas Edition with Power Shell 5 boots
Personal best: 5 ½ buoys @ 41 off
Best career moment: Winning my first world title in 2007 was one of the best. But, after getting the silver medal in 2009, winning my second title in 2011 was an amazing experience.
An ideal day in your Malibu consists of: Skiing behind it. I know that the boat is always there for me at the right moment. I know that the TXi is the best boat on the market because it’s comfortable, easy to drive, easy to ski behind and very accessible.
Plans for 2014: Work hard on and off the water and stay on top in all the pro events.
Fun fact that most people do not know about you: I love cooking. I went to culinary school for five years in Italy. I also love cars.

What do you like about the TXi compared to other boats? The pull is perfect and the boat is always there for you at any time you need it. All my students also love the TXi, no matter what level they’re at. The Malibu Touch Command gives you easy accessibility to all the features. The new windshield is two inches higher, so tall people like me are protected from the wind. It also gives you a perfect view, giving you a chance to always be in control. The new hull has been redesigned to allow skiers to give their very best and achieve top scores.

What is it like to ski for 5-hour ENERGY? I just signed the contract recently and I felt like I was part of their family from the beginning. It felt like how things happened with Malibu. I like to be involved with new ideas and moving forward to raise the bar to a new level. I hope that with this sponsor, our sport will be recognized more and the “Pink” commercial is a great start.

How can people get to ski with you? Tell us about your school. Contact me through Instagram, Facebook and I’m also working on my new website thomasdegasperi.com. Or, just e-mail thomskier@hotmail.com. My ski school is in Windermere, FL just five minutes from the Disney parks and 20 minutes from downtown Orlando. I provide rooms for rent, a 2014 RESPONSE TXi, slalom course, jump ramp, big patio area, ping-pong, wireless Internet and a hot tub. Any levels are welcome from beginners to professionals. We also have video analysis, mental preparation techniques and equipment advice.

What does Malibu as a brand mean to you? Malibu is the best boat in the industry, without a doubt in my mind.  It’s not only for the way they build boats, but also they way they interact with people. If I need anything, they always make it happen for me as well as any customer. I feel like I am part of the family and it’s one that I would like to be with for the rest of my career.

"Ever since I got up on skis at five years old, I had an instant passion for water skiing. My parents own a ski school in northern italy, and my dad has been the biggest influence on my career and life. From there, skiing became my dream, my life. Slalom skiing is the most intense and most difficult of all the events. It's pure adrenaline going from about 20 m.p.h. in the turn to about 70 m.p.h. behind the boat in a very short amount of time and space. To me, slalom skiing is what I am and who I am. I have won many titles, but I always look forward and never stop." -- Thomas Degasperi

4x (current back to back reigning) World Champion
4x Italian National Champion
5x European Champion
3x Alizee Cup Champion
2x New Zealand Pro Am Champion
2x Collegiate National Champion
Ski West Pro Champion
Malibu Open Champion
Global Pro Invitational Champion
Turin International Champion
Italian Record Holder
European Record co Holder