Will Asher

Best career moment: Winning the Malibu Open in 2004. It was my first professional win.
An ideal day in your Malibu consists of: Getting with some friends or family, taking some sets, floating and enjoying the water.
Plans for 2014: I am 100 percent committed to competing at the top of my sport. I continue to keep learning and enjoying being on the water.
Fun fact that most people do not know about you: I love to cook, try new recipes, and enjoy good food.

What do you like about the RESPONSE TXi compared to other boats? I love the simplicity of the boat. It looks sharp and performs even better -- no gimmicks. It’s designed to perform and turn heads at the same time.

What type of training do you do off the water to stay in slalom shape? I enjoy a lot of different sports and activities. A key to being a top athlete is balance and understanding your own body. Over the years, I have tailored my routine to maximize efficiency and on-water potential. I need to know my body will be as strong on the first set as well as the fifth. 

How can people get to ski with you if they want to? I can be contacted through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Coaching has become a passion of mine. It’s something I am having a lot of fun with. I really enjoy seeing people improve, and sharing my experiences.

What skier did you look up to when you were growing up? I come from a skiing family. I had many role models growing up. My uncle was a world champion in the 80's, but I really looked up to my older brother Tom. He really pushed the sport from a young age, and continues to be at the top after more than 25 years.

What does Malibu as a brand mean to you? Malibu means quality, reliability and performance. As a company, they are always pushing limits.

“I continue to enjoy skiing for the endless challenge, everyone needs something to push them beyond what they feel is possible, to give life a lasting purpose. I am working towards a place no other skier has been, it’s the ultimate challenge that can keep the progress wheels spinning for days, weeks or even months, but once they gain traction, the reason I go through all of this becomes clear.” -- Will Asher

This English dominator comes from a family of Malibu owners and has been on a terror for years now. Many people believe this fierce competitor is on his way to becoming the next Andy Mapple of the slalom world.

  • 4x World Champion
  • 3x Masters Champion
  • 3x Malibu Open Champion
  • 2x Ranked #1 in the World
  • Global Pro Invitational Champion
  • Pro Tour Champion