Cobe Mikacich

Residence: Orlando, Florida
Sponsors: Malibu Boats, O'Brien, SayiWon’t, Hangtyte, Great Lakes Boat Top, Indo Board
Number of years with Malibu: 2
Current boat: 21 RIDE
Boat speed: 22 m.p.h.
Line length: 72 feet
Power Wedge setting: All the way down
Best career moment: Winning the Peugeot Championship in Argentina.
Favorite tricks and why: These always change. But definitely the best ones have been a heelside front flip, back mobe, Pete Rose, and 360 shove its on a wakesurfer. I love these tricks because you get a sense of freedom in the air and when you land them smooth, it feels like you never left the water.
An ideal day in your Malibu consists of: Me with the A-Team (and you know who you are), out at Freedom Wake Park, casually taking the day to wakeboard and wakesurf. Finish the evening chilling on the dock with friends and music.
Plans for 2014: Stay on the water wakeboarding and wakesurfing. I’m focusing on Freedom Wake Park, adding some obstacles, and just making sure that things are running smooth out there.
Fun fact that most people do not know about you: I’ve been taking guitar lessons for over a year.


What else do you like to do besides wakeboarding/wakesurfing?
Surfing, racing go-karts, playing guitar, building stuff

How are things going at Freedom Wake Park?
Great! My goal our first year was to meet and coach a lot of new people, and we’ve done that and then some!

Can people come out if they want to wakesurf as well?
Yes! We do wakesurf camps and daily lessons. We also haveSURF GATE. It’s amazing! Some of our students have already been on the National and World podiums.

What was it like to win The Legend award in 2013?
It’s definitely the recognition that I feel most proud of. It was emotional and fulfilling, and very gratifying after pouring my heart and soul into this sport for so many years. My family surprised me and came out from California to support me and my friends all rallied to be there for my big night. It was truly a surprise and a great honor to receive this honor!

What does Malibu as a brand mean to you?
It’s knowing that you have the best, and you never have to look anywhere else.