Federico "NanoEx" Dallago

Residence: Abbadia Lariana, Italy

Hometown: Lecco

Age: 14

Current boat: Malibu 24 MXZ & 22 LSV

Years riding a Malibu: 6 years

How did it start: My Dad introduced me to the sport and the wakeboarding world.

Advice: It’s a sport where you have to train a lot to create your own style, like Massi style or Sam style. You must never give up, and you must always try.

Personal Best Trick: Blind Pete Rose.

Line length: 75 ft 

Boat speed: 36.6 kph

Favourite trick: Massi Toside 450 Rewind.

Favourite Place to Ride: SWS Wakeboard School on Lago di Como in Abbadia Lariana

Riders who inspire you: Massimiliano Piffaretti

Best Career Moment: When I did my first mobe7 KGB7.

Favourite food: Pizza & Pasta

An ideal day in your Malibu: Completing all my tricks, enjoying my ride and having fun.

Plans for 2023: Trying to get some good positions in competitions.

Your review of your current Malibu 24 MXZ: It’s 24 feet, therefore, it’s very spacious, and the wave gives you a pop that you can do everything on it.

Hobbies: Playing video games, trampolining and playing basketball

Interesting Fact: I can cook pasta and pizza🍕

Career Achievements: I came first in the 2022 World Wakeboard Championship, first in the 2022 European Wakeboard Championships and first in the 2022 Italian overall Wakeboard Championships. I went to Orlando, the best place for riding. I did my first mobe7, first double toeside back roll and my first rewind!!

Sponsors: Liquid Force Italia, Oakley, Xcel Italy, Malibu & Axis Boats Europe