Henri Lammens

Residence: Belgium
Hometown: Waregem
Current boat: Malibu 21 VLX
Years riding a Malibu: 12
How did it start: 
I was taught by my dad & uncle
Start with the basics when you have a solid foundation you can start to improve.
Set-Up: Liquidforce 2018RDX with Idol Bindings
Line length: 
70 ft 
Boat speed: 
36 kph
Favourite trick: 
HS BS 360 with Indy Grab
Favourite Place to Ride: 
Bourget-du-Lac, France
Riders who inspire you: 
Raph Derome, and so many other riders!
Favourite food: Belgian Fries with a Hamburger
Ideal day: 
Chilling with my friends on the boat having fun and enjoy riding
Wakesurfing, Wakeskate, Snowboarding & Fieldhockey
Malibu, STRNGR_clothing

Henri Lammens has been at the forefront of the Belgian wakeboarding scene for a number of years with recent achievements included 2nd Place in the 2019 Open Mens Lowlands, having finished 1st in the 2018 Open Mens Lowlands in his first year in this category, having previously won the 2017 Belgian Junior Championship. 

Henri's goals are to be more consistent at competitions, but most importantly he says "Enjoy the moments you are on you're board".