Igor Truszkowski

Residence: Poland

Hometown: Wrocxaw

Age: 13

Current boat: Axis T22

Years riding a Malibu: 1

How did it start: I was taught by my parents

Advice: Have Fun, Try, Try, Try and don't give up! Better to start on cable park 2.0 than boat will be easier.

Personal Best Trick: Back 180 Blind

Set-Up: RXT Board, Ronix One Bindings, Liquid Force Vest & Helmet.

Line length: 23.70 cm 

Boat speed: 36 kph

Favourite trick: Tail Grab

Favourite Place to Ride: Necko Lake, Augustow, Poland

What Tunes are you currently listening when riding: Reggie

Riders who inspire you: Massi Piffaretti

Favourite food: Hawaiian Pizza

Best Career Moment: 4th Place in Rueda Buttle (2 Years ago), 1st on Wakecamp 2020 (cable)

Favourite food: Hawaiian Pizza

An ideal day in your Axis: Sun, Smooth Water, Good Company & Good Rides

Interesting fact most people do not know about you: I am a Polish Champion (2020) in Freestyle Snowboard

Your review of your current Axis T22: I like to Wakeboard behind the Axis T22 because it has a great ballast system and power Wedge, that allows you to freely model the height, length and shape of the wave. The Surfgate system is great when surfing, thanks to which the wave is strong in every place.

Personal Statement: I am one of the few if not the only one of my age in Poland who follows a boat like this and this is just the beginning! I want to be the Best!

Hobbies: Snowboarding freestyle, Wakeboard, wakesurf, Kiteboard

Career Achievements:2 Polish Vice Champion BA 2018, Champion SBS 2020, Vice Champion BA 2020

Sponsors: Father ;)