Luca Kidd

Malibu Boats Athlete Profile

Residence: Between Mallorca, Spain for the Winter and Orlando, USA for the Summer

Hometown: London, England

Age: 16

Current Boat: Between boats right now, but the dream is the M235

Number of Years Riding: 7 Years

What advice would you give anyone starting out?: Most importantly Just keep trying and having fun, you will get it eventually!

Personal Best: 2018 Moomba Masters in Junior Pro, 2018 IWWF Jnr. Men World Champion & 2017 Malibu British National Champion Open Men.

Equipment & Set-up: Liquid Force RDX with the 4D Flex bindings and on cable the LF Peak with the Tao bindings.

Line Length: 72.5ft. / 22m

Boat Speed: 36.4 kph / 22.6 mph

Favorite Trick: Wrapped Heel 3 Rewind Back 1 with a Stale-Fish right in the middle

Favorite Place to Ride: Somerset Dam, Australia, honestly can't explain how amazing that place is.

What Tunes are you currently listening to before or when riding: Trap music, artists like Rich the Kid, Migos, Famous Dex, Childish Gambino! All that music gets me hyped.

Favorite Food: I could not choose, there is not a food in the world I dislike

Personal Statement: Just have fun.

Which Rider(s) Inspire(s) you: Every rider inspires me in a different way !!!

Best Career Moment: Winning the World Championships in March 2018, that was unforgettable! 

An ideal day in you Malibu Consists of: Waking up in the morning, having breakfast with the crew, then all rolling out to the dock and going for a set on the boat ! Then coming in go grab some lunch and go out for another set, and then chill at the sandbar playing some music and hanging out with all my friends.

Plans for 2018: Competing in all the Junior Pro Tour Events including the Malibu Rider Experience and get a video part made and just meeting a bunch of new people and enjoying the season. Tricks I want to perfect, loads, you'll have to wait and see!

Hobbies: Riding Cable, Wakesurfing, Beach Surfing, Basketball, Skateboarding, PS4 and any kind of sport!

Career Achievements: : 2nd place in Malibu Rider Experience overall Junior Pro Tour 2017, IWWF Junior Men World Champion 2018, 2018 Junior Pro Moomba Masters Champion, 2017 UK Malibu National Open Men Champion.

Sponsors: Malibu Boats, Liquid Force, M North inc, Bro Clothing, LDB Wakeschool.