Magda Rzepecka

Residence: Warsaw, Poland

Hometown: Warsaw, Poland

Age: 31

Current Boat: Axis A22

Number of Years Behind a Malibu: 3

How did it start?: When I was a child, I used to do windsurfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding and snowboarding, so boards were always in my life. Once I went on vacation to the Canary Islands and tried surfing for the first time, and I totally fell in love with the sport. When I came back home, where I don’t have access to the ocean, I started looking for some alternatives to surfing, and I discovered wake surfing! Poland has thousands of lakes, and one of them is close to my home. That was a time in Poland when one of the first Wakesurf school opened close to my home, so I started wake surfing as much as I can.

What advice would you give anyone starting out?: I would tell them to watch better Wakesurfers every time they have the opportunity. The best possibility is to watch from the boat but if you don’t have many pro riders at your hometown, watch videos with tricks on youtube or Instagram. There are thousands of them. I also invite you to watch my account @life_on_the_wave, where I post a lot of wakesurf content. It’s also important to have your own coach who teaches you new skills and pushes you to the next level.

Personal Best: 3RD place at International Championship Wake GP 2018

Equipment & Set-up & make: Hyperlite Trifecta 4.4 for surf style and Phase 5 Matrix 48 for skim style

Line Length: N/A

Boat Speed: 16.5 mph

Favorite Trick: Shuv 360 | Best Tricks : For skim style it would be 720 backside and for surf style : airs

Favorite Place to Ride: Masurian Lakes, Poland

What Tunes are you currently listening to before or when riding:truly, depends on my mood ;) but mainly it’s rock music

Favorite Food: Veggie food – all of them!

Which Skier / Rider Inspires you: Lots of them honestly ! But I love Stacia Bank's style

Best Career Moment: …When I became Wakesurf Coach in biggest Wakeschool in Poland

An ideal day in your Malibu Consists of:Early training on flat water and when it’s done I love to hang with my friends and family to learn them new tricks

Plans for 2020:.. I wish to take part in World Series 2020 in both styles skim and surf. Of course, I will also be coaching and preparing my students to compete.

Interesting fact most people do not know about you: I’m a cookie monster ;) I love cookies & cakes but I keep my sport diet and eat cheat-meal only once a week.

What do you like about your Axis A22: For me, Axis pushes me to the next level. It gives a perfect wave in every parameter: length, high and face quality are superb. I can easily change the wave to practice every trick. It’s also extremely important for me while I coach my students, cause I can adopt the wave for every level of wakesurfer.

Personal Statement:“Follow your soul, it knows the way”

Hobbies: Surfing & travelling

Career Achievements:Getting Sponsored by biggest Wakeschool in Poland ( and biggest Wake Gear distributor ;,