Massi Piffaretti

Massi Piffaretti AKA Pizza Boy

Residence: Orlando, Florida

Hometown: Sala Comacina, Lake Como, Italy

Age: 23

Current Boat: M235

Number of Years Riding Behind a Malibu: 3 Years

How did it Start?: I started riding for Malibu in 2016, always been a fan of the boats so when I got the opportunity to ride for them it was a dream becoming reality!

What advice would you give anyone starting out?: My advice for anyone that is starting out it would probably be: "just have as much fun as u can." 

Personal Best: 2nd place Malibu Evolution Series

Equipment & Set-up, Make of Board / Bindings: 2019 RXT board / 2018 happy hour (RONIX), RXT boots (RONIX) FollowWake Massi vest and rope, CTI knee brace.

Line Length: 77.2

Boat Speed: 22.8

Favorite Trick: Chicken Salad T2B

Favorite Place to Ride: Lake Ronix

What tunes are you currently listening to before or when riding?: Some 90’s disco music

Favorite Food: Pizza! And Italian food in general!

Which rider inspires you?: Lots of them honestly! Starting from Thomas Degasperi in the ski world, to Brian Grub, Parx, Chad, Ruck, Dean, Brad and the list goes on and on …..

Best career moment: Probably when I won the world championships because my family was with me!

An ideal day in your M235 consists of: I usually wake up around eight and head straight to gas station and then go for an early set. After everyone rides we usually surf as well. Then do the same thing in the afternoon.

Plans for 2018: I just want to be the best person and rider I can be!

Interesting fact most people do not know about you: I can sing Andrea Bocelli pretty good.

Your review of your M235: First of all, it has the best wake in the game. I also really love the way the boat drives, and how roomy it is, and it has the best quality seats in the game.

Personal statement: #fastlife

Hobbies: Snowboarding, skateboarding, golfing, and anything fun

How can people attend your clinics: Hit me up, and I can do lessons and stuff. A couple kids usually come down and ride.

Career achievements: 
2015/2016 WWF World Champion,
2017/2018 Second Place WWF World Championships,
First Place WWA Punta Cana Pro

Sponsors: Redbull, Malibu, Ronix, FollowWake, BuyWake, CTI knee braces