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"Mitch"ell Wise

Residence: UK
Hometown: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Current boat: Malibu 22 MXZ
Years riding a Malibu: 7
How did it start: 
My parents purchased a caravan on a site called Tallington Lakes in Linconshire when I was five. The intention of my parents was that I would spend summer holidays here and play on the water with my friends, however the addictive nature of the sport drove me to spend more and more time on the water.
What advice would you give anyone starting out?
I would advise watching videos of pro riders as inspiration and means of a goal that you can strive to achieve. Having fun on the water with family and friends is invaluable and can help to give you the confidence you need for progression, never get worked up over a trick the more fun you have the better.
Line length: 
75 ft 
Boat speed: 
Favourite trick: 
Tail backside 180 in to the flats
Favourite Place to Ride: 
Storm Lake at LDB Wakechool, because its sheltered and you get the crowd of people entering Thorpe Park watching from the bridge.
Riders who inspire you: 
Massi Piffaretti
Favourite food: Steak
What tunes are you currently listening too before or when riding: Anything by Migos or RAF by ASAP Mob.
Ideal day: 
Riding in warm conditions on a flat calm lake, with a group of friends that I can ride with.
Personal Best: UK National Champion 2017, 3rd  IWWF European Championship 2017, 3rd WWA World championships 2017.
Best Career moment: The stoke on the boat when I landed my first heel back 720.
Equipment: I ride a Ronix One set up (boots and bindings) which is Danny Harf’s pro model. I ride the Timebomb version which is the lightest (due to its I-beam construction) most aggressive version of the board.
Plans for 2018: In term of tricks I would like to learn and land a heel 900 and a mobe 540. I’d love to travel to the US and ride with a pro for a while.
Interesting fact most people don’t know about you: I got 7 A/A* in my exams
Hobbies: Rugby, Snowboarding and Skating.
How can people attend you clinics? Send me a message on Instagram
Career Achievements: Getting sponsored by VeeDub Transporters and being given a free van with my name on.
Malibu Boats, LDB Wakeschool, Ronix Wakeboards (Watersportsworlduk), VeeDub Transporters, Maven Marine and Tallington Lakes

Mitch Wise is a member of the UK 's junior wakeboard team, another of the young up-coming stars in the Wakeboarding scene. A valuable member of the European Malibu Team, not only a talented wake boarder, but also a genuinely nice guy ready to help team mates and with a positive enthusiasm for the sport.

Mitch has enjoyed a very successful season during 2017 winning the Malibu UK National Championships 2017, 3rd  IWWF European Championship 2017, 3rd WWA World championships 2017. We are sure to see more success during the 2018 season.