Raphael Derome

Raph Derome | Pro Athlete

Residence: Montreal,QC,Canada

Hometown: Coteau du lac, Qc,Canada

Age: 26

Current Boat: 22 MXZ

Number of Years Riding Behind a Malibu: 12-13 years. it’s been a while.

How did it Start?: When we started a wake school on our lake we signed with Malibu that first year for our tow boat.

What advice would you give anyone starting out?: Take your time, step by step, and make sure you listen to whoever knows more than you to learn.

Personal Best: Wakeboarding and Alliance ROTY

Equipment & Set-up, Make of Board / Bindings: RDX 138 cm , Idol boots 6-8

Line Length: 77

Boat Speed: 23

Favorite Trick: Tantrum to blind

Favorite Place to Ride: Home

What tunes are you currently listening to before or when riding?: Any music that suits my vibe on the day. normally mellow music is my preference

Favorite Food: Sushi or Pizza

Which rider inspires you?: Louif Paradus, Dylan Rieder, Jake Kuzyk

Best career moment: Wake Open

An ideal day in your 22 MXZ consists of: From sunrise to sunset, with friends and or family on the boat doing whatever

Plans for 2018: Munich mash, factory pro and to start filming a video project.
Interesting fact most people do not know about you: Huge MMA Fan

Your review of your 22 MXZ: I love my 22 MXZ, its the best wake and boat for the price and size in my opinion, it will always be my boat of choice.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, guitar, piano

How can people attend your clinics: Rider experience and Just ride Malibu tour!

Career achievements: 
Wake Open Champion,
Alliance Roty,
Wakeboarding Roty,
Wake The 3 Times Champion

Sponsors: Malibu, Liquid Force, Sesitec, Unit