Tarah Mikacich

Residence: Orlando, Florida
Malibu Boats, O'Brien, Ten-80, Hangtyte, Straight Line, Point Conception, B4BC, Shred Ready
Number of years with Malibu:
Current boat:
Boat speed:
22.8 m.p.h.
Line length: 77 feet
Power Wedge setting: All the way down
Best career moment: Getting my own signature board, the O’Brien Spark
Favorite trick and why: Indy backside 180. It’s fun, because I can hold the grab all the way through the trick and the landing feels so smooth.
An ideal day in your Malibu consists of: A few friends, glassy water at Freedom Wake Park, good tunes, and lots of fun wakeboarding and wakesurfing.
Plans for 2014: I have a list of new tricks to learn going into the 2014 season. My plan is to ride the tour, but also focus on photos and videos. I’ll be coaching alongside Cobe at Freedom Wake Park, and we’ve got some pretty fun stuff in the works!
Fun fact that most people do not know about you: I make amazing chocolate chip cookies!

How was the Fireball Run this year?

Amazing! Our adventure went 2,500 miles through the southwest states of the U.S. My teammate and I won our car class, we placed second out of 40 teams, and we won the Social Media Guru Award! Best of all, two more missing children were found by the efforts of the teams in Fireball Run!

Being a competitive waterskier, what drew you to wakeboarding?

At first I just needed a change, but what really drew me in was the people. They included me, helped me, and made me feel welcome. That’s the attitude that I’ve seen over and over in the sport of wakeboarding. I love that we can help each other progress and grow the sport. Wakeboarding has a fun, relaxed energy that has completely drawn me in.

How would you explain the state of women's wakeboarding these days?

Through social media, I’ve really been able to see how much women’s wakeboarding is growing all over the world. It has also given us a platform to share our unique strengths. I feel like women’s wakeboarding is starting to diversify, and not everyone has to compete at the same single aspect of the sport. More and more women are finding their niche, and the industry is ready to accept that presence.

What has it been like to be a part of the Malibu family?

Being part of the Malibu family is like being on the dream team of wakeboarding. I’ve always admired the company for the products they build and the people involved. There’s nothing better! I’m so happy to be part of the family and so blessed to get to ride behind a Malibu every day!